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Campgrounds in the Galil

After we got dozens of questions about campgrounds, we realized that there really was not enough convenient information about them, so with the help from our viewers and subscribers, we collected some information and now its all here :)

If you have anything to add, picture or information, please email us.

-Finger of Galilee will be on another page.

Goren campground- Free

- There is a water tap.
- Toilette if coordinated in advanced with KKL.
- A place to light a bonfire.
- nice view.
- free.

A declared campground just above the Nahal Kziv trail. In general, It's large asphalt parking, convenient to plac a tent. The place serves as a central campgroungt in the "Sea to Sea" trail.
Easy access to the Goren Park and the Kziv Stream

חניון הזיתים- חינם

- אין מים.

- אין שירותים.

- אין שולחנות פיקניק.

- נוף יפה.

- חינם.

חניון לילה קטן מעל נחל כזיב בצד הצפוני.
החניון כ10 דקות נסיעה מחניון גורן. הייתרון אולי היחיד שלו על חניון גורן זה הקירבה לעין טמיר.
יש ירידה ישר לעין טמיר מהחניון.

Hirbet Homema campground- free

- There's water.
- There is a toilette.
- A place to light a bonfire.
- Picnic benches.
- free.

Right next to the Meron Field School, this is a very comfortable campground, used for day-trips as well as hiking the "Sea to Sea" trail, and more.

Easy access to Mount Meron and much more

  Nahal Amud campground- free

- There should be water - don't rely on it.
- There should be toillettes.
- There should be a power station.
- Place for fire.
- free.

A campground at the junction between Nahal Amud and Nahal Akbara, right next to Highway 85. It is used by travelers on the "Sea to Sea"
There is also easy access to the Lower Amud stream track and Nahal Amud Top track, Akbara stream, and more.

HaPitul campground- free

- free.
- There's water.
- There's room for a bonfire.
- There are trash cans.

Another campground near Mount Meron. Right next to Meron. Convenient spot thar serves as hikers on the National Israel Trail and the "sea to sea" trail. But also to other routes and springs in the area.

  Nahal Parod campground- free

- No water

- free

- there are picnic tables.

Located right next to the amazing Parod Falls (when flowing).

There are picnic tables and places for tents.

  Ein Hardalyiot campground- free

- No water

- Sometimes there are toillettes.

- Not very suitable.

- There are trash cans.

Basically its a parking lot at the entrance to the Kziv trail from the west.

  Switzerland Forest camground- Free

- There is water

- Free.

- There are trash cans.

- Impressive view.

Located right at the top of the Switzerland forest, with an excellent view of the Sea of Galilee.

It is relevant to trails in the area, the Switzrland Forest biking trail, or just a beautiful place to sleep in.

  Abirim campground- free

- No water

- No toillettes

Right at the entrance to Abirim, the place is not very well equipped, but you can sleep there.
Suitable for backpackers looking for a place to sleep while hiking.

  Liman campground0- free

- Sometimes there is water

The place is not really easy to find, located right at the entrance to Liman near the gas station, near Highway 4 between Rosh Hanikra and Nahariya.
Suitable for backpackers or picnics, nice location for all kinds of trails in the area and not far from the beach.

  Ein koves- free

- אין ברז מים, אפשר לטהר ממי המעין.

- אין פחים.

- אין שירותים.

חניון לילה שמשמש מטיילים ב"ים אל ים".

המקום לא מוכרז כחניון לילה אבל אפשר ללון בו.

יש גישה עם רכב מצפת או ברגל.

כדי לישון צריך לצאת מהשמורה.

  Nahal Tavor parkway- free

- No water.
- Sometimes there are chemical toillettes.
- free.
- There is no trash can.

A parkway, right at the beginning of the Nahal Tavor trail.

Suitable for backpackers planning to sleep near the Nahal Tavor trail

  Kish campground- free

- No water

- There is a place for a fire.

- Free.

- No trash can

An unregulated campground near Kish near the Tabor River
Suitable for backpackers planning to sleep near the Nahal Tavor trail

  Alon HaGalil campground- free

- There should be water.
- a small shower cabin.
- A place to clean bicycle.


A small campground maintained by a cycling shop.
Right at the entrance to Alon Hagalil, suitable for backpackers, travelers of the Israel National Trail, and cyclists.

  Kohav HaYarden campground- fee charge

- There's water.
- There are toillettes.
- showers.
- Trash cans.
- Charging station.
- Place for fire.

A well organized campound.

Very comfortable for large groups, backpackers, and families.
The place is large, and it is recommended to book in advance so that you will not run out of space.

  Akhziv beach campgroung- fee charge

- There's water.
- There are services.
- showers.
- Trash cans.
- Charging station.

A well organized campground.

On the amazing Achziv beach, suitable for families, backpackers and sea-to-sea travelers.

HaPsagot campground (top of mt. Meron)- free

- maybe there is water.

A campground at the top of Mount Meron, suitable for backpackers and sea to sea hikers.
The advantage of this campground is the location, almost at the top of Mount Meron.

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