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Zavitan stream

A path between the most beautiful natural pools in the country, surrounded by basalt stones in hexagonal shapes (this is not the hexagonal pool, but it is not far from here and the area is similar)

Length of trip
Can range from a few hours to a whole day. There are several options for a trip to the stream:
1) near the Katzrin soccer field, as shown in the video. From here it will take you about half an hour to the upper pools and another half an hour to the big waterfall.
2) Yehudia parking lot, entrance fee. Park in the northern parking lot, where it takes about half an hour to reach the big waterfall.
3) Upper parking lot, access from the road between the Katzrin industrial zone and the Katsaviya junction. From here it will take you about an hour and a half to reach the upper pools. It is a trip for those who want to hike by the stram the entire day and it requires an entire day.

Points of interest
The Zavitan waterfall, a high waterfall into a cliffs canyon at a depth of about 30 meters. There is a view over the waterfall and there is also access to the pools below. These pools are very deep and there are beautiful cliffs on all sides. We like to climb here on the cliffs and jump into the water. Do not jump without checking the depth and certainly not if you do not know what you are doing, it's dangerous.
- The upper pools, beautiful pools surrounded by basalt rocks shaped like hexagons. Really cool and fun to swim in.
- the black gorge, a deep section of canyons that you can only stroll with abseiling, abseiling license, pre-registration, yada yada yada. We did a separate video about this piece.

Recommended seasons
It is possible to come all year round. On a warm day, this is a trip that indulges in excellent water pools and in the winter it is simply a beautiful trip with green scenery (especially in the spring, February - March). After serious rains there is an impressive and dangerous flow.

Public Transport
You can take the 52 or 57 line from Tiberias to the Yehudiya parking lot
Katzrin can be reached from the north and south of the plateau by bus or from Hatzor or Tiberias, there are many lines and easy to reach

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