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Via Ferrata in northern Israel

Via Ferrata is a route on a cliff with iron pegs and safety shackles, and it is suitable for almost everyone. The track on Ramim Ridge is the first in Israel, and since the video came out, the track has grown after it succeeded in a crowd funding project.


Length of the route
About 4 km, takes about half a day, and is suitable for beginners but also for adventure seekers.
To make the route, you need to coordinate with Yoav at 054-674-6440 to receive equipment and if you also want some guiding. If you have the track equipment then the route is for free (:
In order to reach the beginning of the route, look for the "Manara Cemetery". Before the cemetery turn right and park in the square that was created there.

Points of interest
The "normal" way towards the track is impressive, before you get to the starting point, you pass through an amazing observation point from which you'll see all of northern Galil and the Goland Heights.
At the end of the runway there is a cool natural climbing wall, it requires equipment

Recommended seasons
From October to May in pleasant days, the best in spring and green.

A simple harness is not enough, the equipment needed is a harness, suitable climate, energy absorber and a helmet (especially for falling rocks).

Public Transport
Line 24 from Kiryat Shmona to Manara, from where there is a walk

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