Tel Aviv Beach strip

There are 15 beaches in the Tel Aviv sand strip between Herzliya and Bat Yam.

Each of the beaches has a slightly different nature (at least as the internet said). We set out to check if there is any truth in the things we read and decide which beach is best for us.

Here is a list of all the beaches from north to south with a brief description.


- the cliff Beach. Not only in Herzliya there is a cliff beach, this beach is suitable for families, there are restaurants, free parking, a promanade, games for children, and it is also a surfing spot.

- Tel Baruch. Mostly good for the residents of Northern Tel Aviv, the parking here is not free, and beyond the the surfice is half sand half rocky.

- The Secret Beach. The only undeclared beach and the only one  you can sleep in, light a fire, and do whatever you want. To get there simply go norht on the promanade from the harbor.

- Hof Metsitsim The closest beach to the harbor.

- The separate beach. As it sounds, one day only boys can enter, and another day only girls.

- Northern Dog Beach. On this beach your dog is also allowed, unlike the rest of the beaches.

- Hilton Beach / Gay Beach. The language here is mainly English, everything is expensive, and it's a surfing spot.

-Gordon beach. Here begins the classic strip of beaches, from here to Charles Clore all beaches are the same. There are volleyball nets, rental equipment, no waves, and lots of people.

We will skip Frishman, Jerusalem, Bograshov, Geula, as there is no real difference.

- Alma. By the promanade lawns, which are popular BBQ spots, there also trees for slacklining.

- Southern dog beach. Another beach on which your dog is allowed.

- Aliyah hill beach. Great beach in Jaffa, the sand is a little rougher, it feels less tidy than the rest of Tel Aviv's beaches, there are small lawns down to the beach where you can do the fire, and most cool, there is a reef you can dive in.

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