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  Mt. Tavor

Mount Tabor isn't known for its height, indeed 562 meters above sea level doesn't sound like much, but it is 400 meters above all of its surroundings, and well viewed from all the region as far as the Golan Heights. The trip is cool and surprising, the climb is not easy and on top you can explore around, there is a view in all directions and lots of Christian tourists


Length of the route
From the bus station in Shibli, where the route starts up to the top, there is 1.5 km in straight ascent, it sounds a bit but usually takes between an hour and a half to two hours.
On the summit there is a 3 km trail that surrounds the mountain and passes through the churches
It is also possible to climb from the other side of the mountain in a slightly less steep climb, but on a longer road.

Points of interest
On the summit there are a few beautiful view points in each direction which you choose and cool seating corners.
    Around on the mountain you there are some caves.
    Church of Transfiguration - according to the story - here Jesus was told that he is the Son of God, the result is a huge church and a lot of Christian tourists who come here, the church itself is very beautiful and it's gardens are well groomed and beautiful.
    On the mountain, there is an Orthodox Greek entrance dedicated to Elijah the Prophet, cemeteries and other intriguing buildings

Recommended seasons
It is recommended to arrive in a day with clear visibility in the winter when everything is green, or in the spring when there is a beautiful and flowering, you can climb in the summer thanks to the wood at the northern end of the mountain, but it's less recommended.

Public Transport

Line 350 from Afula to Shibli

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