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Biking in the Ramon creater

We took a long trail of 56 kilometers, part of the Israel Bicycle Trail and has great singles, with moderate and steep declines between Mitzpeh Ramon and Khan Be'erot

Length of the route
If you make a circular route back to Mitzpe Ramon from the road, the route is 56 km. But you can definitely leave a car in Khan Be'erot, and then the route will take 38 kilometers

The nature of the route
Part of the route is technical and not suitable for beginners.
In the first 27 km, she was riding along the cliff and flat, and then the descent into singles and alot of fun.

Points of interest
 At the very beginning you pass through the sculpture garden on the cliff.
    There are quite a few beautiful spots on the edge of the cliff.
    Khan Barot has a kiosk and a place to sleep if you want.
    The route ends up climbing the road with climbing altitude of 300 meters

Recommended seasons
From autumn to early spring, not hot days.

Accommodation in the area
It is very recommended to arrive the previous evening and sleep in the area, Khan HaShayarot is a very convenient and inviting place, also for cyclists

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