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Biking Nahal Pratzim and mt. Sdom

An exceptional ride in a narrow and fragile stream, and on it the special Mount Sodom with landscapes that feel like another planet


Length of the route
The route is about 25 kilometers long, with a cumulative increase of 300 meters. It is not difficult and does not take a lot of time. Half a day is enough and you do not have to start early in the morning.
You can also make the route on foot, it's just long and takes a whole day. On a bike is significantly more enjoyable.
Park at the gas station at the Zohar Junction and from there ride south into the stream towards the Perzim stream. After a few kilometers you turn left toward Nahal Sodom, but thats our exit point from the stream, so keep straight into the deep canyon. The Perzim Stream is very impressive with a moderate climb. After leaving the Perzim Stream, you ascend the Amiaz plain towards Mount Sodom, which is not particularly difficult. On the mountain itself, riding is unusual and really fun, starting with a red track and moving to blue, until the descent, where you connect to Nahal Sodom back towards the vehicle.

Points of interest
Nahal Prazim - as I have already noted, riding in the stream is very special and also suitable for night riding on a full moon.
The summit of Mount Sodom - at the end of the climb,  there are many special observation points.
Riding on Mount Sodom - I could not decide what my favorite part of the route, on the mountain or the river Sodom. The ride on the mountain is very flowy, and starts without a single trail, simply anywhere on the mountain, the riding is very special and ends in a narrow crevice.
Sodom Stream - before connecting back to the track from which we started, we pass through the winding path of Nahal Sodom, the descent is not steep, its really flowing, with beautiful walls to ride on, in a very special scenery.

Recommended seasons
Just not in the summer, on a nice or cool day
It is important to pay attention to the flood forecast

Public Transport
Line 384 from Arad
Line 486 from Jerusalem to Neve Zohar, from which there is a walk to the intersection. check availability of bus tickets in advanced.

Recommended accommodation in the area
Arad offers many good accommodations that take into account bicycles. Arad also has many very good bike routes, some even connect to the trip of Mount Sodom.

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