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Nahal peres

Another impressive stream in the Judean Desert, this is one of its more touristy trails thanks to its relatively easy access, waterholes, and impressive views.


Length of the route
The trail begins at the parking lot in the beginning of the trail, about 5 km above the Arava Junction. There is a sign that's pretty hard to miss.It begins on the red track. The route is 6 km to the Arava Junction. Where you can leave a second car or catch a relatively easy ride back to the parking lot.

Points of interest

    After about 20 minutes - half an hour walk you reach the waterholes, which are on a large white surface, most of them not very deep.
    At about half a way, you can get back to the car, or continue to the Arava Junction. There are two trails. The black track takes you through a narrow, cool canyon. The green is above it.
    Before re-connecting the tracks pass through a very impressive and beautiful waterfall
    The route ends with a very impressive observation point on the Dead Sea, the Arava and Jordan, if you catch a rare day of good visibility, this is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Israel.

Recommended seasons
It is recommended to arrive when the waterholes are full, on a warm day
Not recommended in summer

Before entering the stream it is important to check the flood forecast

Public Transport

Lines 991 | 390 397. It is important to note that these are buses to Eilat and that it may be necessary to buy a ticket in advance. The buses arrive at the Arava Junction and not at the beginning of the runway.

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