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Mt. Meron

A daytrip with stunning views in any direction, snow, and green scenery. The tallest section of the Israeli National Trail, and also one of the most special.

Length of the route
Mount Meron is the second highest in the country, and reaches a height of 1208 meters above sea level, from the mountain there is a view in every direction and it is very worthwhile to arrive on a day with good visibility.
There are 3 trails that reach the peak, one from Kibbutz Meron, one from the north and one from the south. The trail that rises from the north is about 3.5 kilometers long and is not very difficult, the climb is not steep and does not take long.
The trail begins with a bushy forest and bushes, and with the climb there are more trees, interesting birds, and impressive observation points.

Points of interest
At the beginning of the route you pass Hirbet Hamama, where there is a cave with a spring and salamanders.
Along the way there are several observation points, where the forest opens up and the landscape changes all the time.
The summit path - a red path that surrounds the summit, a great way to see the view in any direction.

Recommended seasons
Especially in the spring,when the weather and the visibility are good.
In the winter when there is snow or when there is good visibility.
Also suitable for autumn and good visibility even in the summer - but recommended.

Public Transport
Line 367 from Safed or from Nahariya

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