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The Jilabun stream

Not a particularly difficult route in the center of the Golan between large deep pools and high waterfalls.

Length of the route
There are several options to make the route, we chose the almost circular route that starts at the parking lot above the Dvora waterfall.
From the parking lot on the falls there is a walk of less than one kilometer. And from the waterfall of Deborah to the Jilbon Falls there is another mile and a half.
From the Jilbon Falls you can continue on the non-circular route towards the Cork Bridge, where you can leave a vehicle behind or pick up a ride back.
Another option we chose was to return to the parking lot above the Jilbon waterfall, where we left a second vehicle instead of returning on a dirt road to a parking lot above the Dvora waterfall.
Except for a short section before the Jilbon waterfall all walking in the sun.
On holidays and vacations the route is very busy.

Points of interest
- Dvora waterfall - this is a large and very beautiful pool, at the entrance there are a few stones that hide under the water, otherwise it is deep. The minus is that there is really nowhere to sit if there are many people and no shade.
- The basalt cave - There are several caves along the route you can explore, some say that one of them is the largest basalt cave in the country.
- The large pool - the impressive Gelbon waterfall fills a huge pool, with plenty of space to sit in the shade. Notice that from time to time stones are thrown into the pool, which is very dangerous.

Recommended seasons
From the spring when it is hot until autumn, it is less recommended during the summer vacation when the route is filled with people.

Public Transport
There is no line that will take you to the beginning of the route.

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