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The Irusim pool

A less known trip in the Golan Heights without a marked trail. In the winter when there streams are flowing this is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Israel, the rest of the year it's a beautiful pool.


Important! The trip in amilitary area and requires coordination with the army or entring on Shabbat.


Length of the route
Park at HaMapalim junction. This is also the beggining of the trail, which is 2 kms long on a dirt road until the main and first pool.
From the Irusim waterfall you can go back on the same path, or continue upstream towards more pools, and basically every 200 meters or so there is another pool. There are 4 pools including the Irusim.

Points of interest
All of the 4 pools are very nice, the Irusim is the one with the biggest waterfall, and when the stream flows strongly, it is the pool most worth going to, but the other pools are beautiful and less touristy.

Recommended seasons
Mostly in winter when the stream is overflowing.
It is possible to arrive even when the stream is not over flowing and simply enjoy hte area, which most beautiful when the Golan is green.

Public Transport
HaMapalim junction can be reached with buses from Katzrin to the south of the Golan, or south of the Golan to Katzrin.
The Lines The most frequent are 10 and 11

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