Golan Heights floods

Many people perceive the Golan as a rainy area, but the truth is that most of the streams are dry most of the time.

Serious flows in the streams occur after a number of serious rainfalls. In the summer the earth dehydrates and in the first rains the water is absorbed in it. The flowing needs serious rainfall after serious or long-term rainfall. When the clay soil of the Golan absorbs water, it is sealed, and all the rain water is simply washed and transformed into impressive rivers and waterfalls

Places to see flows in the Golan
     -Meitsar Stream
     -Nahal Samach
     -Nahal El'al
     -Along Route 808
     -Nahal Daliyot
     -Gamla waterfall
     -The Irusim pool
     -The Zwitan Stream
     -The Yadudiya Stream
     -The Katzrin stream
     -HaMeshushim stream
     -Ayit waterfall
     -Orvim waterfall
     -Saar waterfall
     Just walk around the Golan and feel in Mongolia

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