Cisterns near Dimona and the Big Creater

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We didn't know there were any worthwhile destinations in the Dimona area, but we were wrong, and discovered some cisterns in dramatic and impressive views.

An actual stream


Mamshit national park

 Mamshit stream is probably not the place to swim in magical cisterns, but the creek itself is impressive, the cliffs are beautiful, and the route is short (3 km) and easy.

There is also an old city to explore.
Right at the entrance to the reserve is an overnight car park with showers, toilets, campfire space, private tent, group tent, and bungalow as in the video.
There is an entrance fee to the park.

Trail map

Ein Yarkem
About 20 minutes from Dimona to the southeast.

Park in the car park and walk for about 10 minutes. This is one of the most beautiful and impressive cisterns we got to see, the scenery is also dramatic, the pool is surrounded by interesting rocks, and the water is less nasty than the average cistern, maybe it is because we came after some rainy days, and maybe because there is a spring that feeds the pool throughout the year. The car park has chemical toilletes, and a place to put tents.
The Israeli National Trail also crosses the site, and you can continue for a longer hike up the impressive Ma'aleh HaPalmach, and reach the Yemin Cisterns

Trail map

Yemin Cisterns
The entrance to Nahal Yemin is a short drive from Ein Yarkam in the direction of Dimona.
The cisterns themselves are of the most beautiful and inviting we ever saw, the place looks like an oasis from a movie. The place has 2 deep cisterns and another pool that is not always full, which Idan foolishly jumped in in the video.
There are plenty of places to sit in, and it is possible to take a longer route to Ein Yarkam through Ma'aleh Palmach.

Trail map


Recommended season
after rain days and flash floods have refueled the cisterns, and it fairly warm outside. probably between october and march.

public transport

You won't find good public transport to any of the destinations, but bus numbers 397\394 will get you to Oron junction, from which you could hitchike to Ein Yarkeam or Nahal Yemin.

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