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Ein 'aqeb
A long day hike with some great view and rewarding spring
Mt Yishay and the window waterhole
A climb to the top of Mt. Yishay and the rewarding Window waterhole
Mt. Meron
Climb to the second highest peak in Israel.
Iris pool(s)
Hike towards some natural beautiful pools.
Peres stream
Desert, waterholes, Cliffs, and amazing view.
Govta stream and Nimrod castle
A foresty hike that ends up in a castle.
Kziv stream
Great hike that ends up in a spring and starts with a castle.
Prat stream and St. George monastery
A long day hike in one of Israel's most beatiful landscapes
David stream and Dudim cave
The david stream is full of surprises.
Arbel cliff
Hike through some history to and amazing view to the sea of Galilee.
The Daraje
Israel's craziest "hike"
The red canyon
amazing hidden canyon above Eilat.
Naftali Horn
Nice spot to relax and enjoy the view.
Gishron stream
A short day hike above Eilat.
Mt. Tavor
A good climb, scenic fun, and a spiritual experience
El-Al stream
A day hike in one the Golan's most beautiful Stream, and 2 waterfalls
HaBonim beach
Relaxing hike in a speacial beach
Hermon stream
Cold cold tropical stream
Arugot stream
A hike in an oasis.
Old Acre
We went to explore old Acre.
Alma cave
A hike to the middle of the earth, or so it feels
Zavitan stream
Fun day hike through pools, cliffs and waterfalls

Trail signals Q&A

A video of the person responsible for marking the paths in Israel so that the next time you walk along the paths of the country, you will know better what is behind them, a little about their history and what is the logic of them

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