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Ein and Hod of Akev

In the Negev it is not easy to find water that flows all year round, so the cold and fresh water of Ein 'Aqeb is a focus of life in the desert, and after climbing it is even more fun to bathe in its cold cold water.

Length of the route
The route can be done in all kinds of ways. We chose to start at a Serpentine night car park under the Ben Gurion campus. The length of the trail is about 16 kilometers, and it takes a full day of walking without any shadow, bring plenty of water. You can also go directly to Ein-Akev, which will significantly shorten your trip.

Along the way you will see quite a few animals, birds of prey nesting in the cliffs, ibexes, and all some other species.

Points of interest
A few hundred meters after the start of the route, you reach the hole of whistles, a well dug in the 1970s to reach a deep water aquifer. The well is 800 meters deep and throwing stuff inside is extremly fun.

After about two hours of walking we reach Hod Ekev, the climb looks threatening but passes quickly. its an optional point that greatly lengthens the trip instead of going directly to Ein Akev, but definitely worth the trip if you have time.

Ein Ekev - A spring that flows all year long, the spring is very deep and the water is very cold and usually full of people. The main spring is a few hundred meters above the pool itself. From here it will take 3 hours to get back to the car.

Horseshoe Falls -to my taste one of the most beautiful along the way.

The Bedouin camp -Sometimes possible to stop drinking and eating in the camp, about an hour's walk from the night camp and car.

Ma'ale Dvashon - already from here there is a very beautiful view over the entire desert. The trip begins or ends here (depending on you).

Recommended seasons
Although the water flows all year long, it is recommended to make the hike in the summer or spring, when it is good for walking and warm enough to enter the water.

Public Transport
Line 64 from Beer Sheva.

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