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HaBonim beach

The beaches Dor, Nahsholim and HaBonim are all very beautiful and wonderful beaches with a trail connecting them, on which you can enjoy all the other pearls along the way.


Length of the route
From the parking lot on the Dor-Nachsholim beach to Habonim Beach, it is 4 km. You can leave a car on the Habonim beach but it will cost you NIS 22. If you have one vehicle, you have to go back by foot

Points of interest
Dor Beach is already very beautiful, the water is clear and there is a small island facing the beach and lots of cool seating points along the beach
Tel Dor - from Tel Dor There is a nice view in all directions, and there is a special corner, with cool pools and interesting rocks
Along the entire way you pass beautiful beaches, some of them do not have sand, some only seashells
Halfway through there is a cool rock forrmation with a cave to swim in

there's a shipwreck in the water
The Blue cave - At the very end of the road on Habonim Beach, there is a cool cave
At Habonim Beach on the beach there is another shipwreck

Recommended seasons
It is possible to arrive all year round, depending on what you are looking for, even in the winter. Expect some impressive sunsets

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