Here you will find hiking trail across Israel, short or long.

You'll find info about the right season, the level of the hike, and what public transport will take you there

נחל חרמון.jpg

Watery hikes and pools

Here you will find streams and springs all over Israel, some require a long hike to get to, and some very close to a parking lot.

Ofcourse there is info concerning the right season, public transportation and more.

נקיק שחוק.jpg

Sports and adventures

Here you will find hikes with twists, Flash flood hunting, skiing, rappelling and fun.

מכתש רמון באופניים.jpg

Mountain biking

Here are some mountain bike trail all over Israel, some are chill, some are adventures, some in the desert and some overlooking the sea of Galilee.

Anyway, mountain biking is Israel isn't getting as much attention as it should.


Videos abroad

If Israel isn't good for you, here are some videos we made all over.


Expand your knowledge

Expand your knowledge on topics concerning the israeli enviorment.

From coral reefs to sharks, to stars, and more!

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Traveling Israel