The black gorge

waterfall canyoning in Israel!
The black gorge is actually the continuation of the Zavitan stream, where the stream becomes more dramatic and can only be crossed rappelling.


Length of the route.
As a tourist, you are best of contacting an agency.

The route starts at the Yehuda parking lot, where you have to pay 28 NIS to park your car.
From the parking lot there is a 2 km walk to the point where you choose whether to go to the Zavitan waterfall or enter the black ravine.
Entrance to the ravine is permitted by prior arrangement and with a rappelling certificate only. At the beginning of the day you must register so that the rangers of the reserve will know who is inside the route that day.
You should start the route early in the morning and as it takes between 9 \ 8 hours

Points of interest
From the moment you enter the gorge, there are narrow walls with beautiful pools

Recommended seasons
It is best to arrive in the spring and early summer when the water flows well and they are clean

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