Hiking map

Alma cave

Track into the ground. In the hills of the Galilee near Alma and Rihanyia. hides one of the most special routes in Israel

Update - Currently the cave is closed for safety reasons

Length of trip

Can take 45 minutes if you actually rush in and out. It takes about two hours usually.
Park a short walk from the entrance to the cave and follow the marking of the paths inward, through fig trees descending on the runway into the large part of the cave until the entrance, the road map marked with one-color reflectors inward and another color out.

Points of interest
 At the entrance to the cave there are many pleasant seating areas in nature.
    There is no specific point within the cave that is defined as a point of interest, its all fun, interesting and challenging.

Recommended seasons
The cave is closed from November to April in favor of the bats' winter sleep

Important equipment
It is highly recommended to bring a headlight to keep your hands free

Public Transport
Line 45 from Safed will take you to the intersection near Alma, from where it is a short walk

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